Calgary Data Recovery Services

Did you lose your data? Good news, your lost data can still be recovered!

AHT Cloud offers data recovery services in Calgary, Alberta.All our data recovery services are performed in our Calgary, Alberta location.

Calgary Data Recovery Services

Calgary Data Recovery Services

  • iPhone Data Recovery

  • USB Data Recovery

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • Flash Drive Recovery

  • Physical File

  • Photo Recovery

  • Video Recovery

  • Raid Recovery

  • Tablet and MP3 Recovery

  • Mac Data Recovery

  • Mobile Device Data Recovery

  • Business Data Recovery

  • Cellphone Data Recovery


Your hard drive consists of blocks of memory. All files (I.e., images, videos, etc. …) stored on your hard drive is allocated a certain amount of memory blocks. When you accidently delete a file, or reformat your USB or hard drive, your files aren't actually erased. Your data continues to exists on your hard drive, regardless if you deleted your files.

It is very important you do not:

  • Do not attempt to repair or to restore any of your lost data.
  • Do not turn on or restart your hard drive.
  • Do not open or dissemble your hard drive.

What happens When you Delete a File?

Since hard drives, consist of memory blocks, your device operating system, tracks where your files are on your hard drive, through “pointers”. When you delete a file, your operating system removes the pointer and marks the occupied memory blocks containing the deleted data as available.

It is very important you immediately turn off your device as memory blocks, once available, are arbitrarily used. Once a block, that contains your delete file, data, is rewritten, your files will become corrupt, and will no longer be retrievable.

Note solid state drives, data is NOT recoverable!

Unfortunately, solid state drives work differently, then your standard hard drive. Deleted files on your state drive, cannot be recovered as they are permanently deleted. Not sure if you have a solid-state drive? Contact us today for your free 1-hour consultation.

Are my files, recoverable?

Under the right circumstance, most of the times, your data can be recovered. At AHT Cloud, we are data recovery experts in Calgary. Our process is designed, to securely restore all your lost data, without the risk of overwriting any additional memory block (corrupting data). It is very important, you do not attempt any repairs, or experiments on your hard drive. If not done properly, you could risk permanently losing all your data.

Data Recovery Process

By using the best process, we are able to securely restore all your files efficiently. At AHT Cloud, we follow a 5-step process:

  1. Evaluation & Diagnostics

    Before we perform any work, our team will evaluate and diagnose your hard drive through a series of tests. Through our diagnostics, our team will identify all the failures or bad hard drive sectors (if any). Our team will also identify the cause and provide an estimated recovery time and quote. Our evaluation and diagnostics usually takes anywhere from few hours, up to 48 hours.

    Note, recovery time is influenced by how big your hard drive is (the size of your hard drive), how many files you have stored, and how many files you want to restore. Once the evaluation and diagnostics are completed, our technicians will contact the customer, sharing all our findings.

  2. Backup Image

    Before attempting any repair, we immediately create a complete copy of your data by creating an image. A backup image of your hard drive allows us to securely manipulate and restore data, without risking permeant data loss.

  3. Hard Drive Recovery

    Once an image is successfully created; our technicians will begin the recovering all the data, stored on your hard drive.

  4. Data Verification and Validation

    Once all your data is successfully restored, our team will verify and validate all files. If some files are corrupt, we will be able to identify, and in some cases, repair it.

Data Recovery Cost in Calgary

The cost to fully recover all your data, if influenced by the size of your hard drive, and the size of the files that we can retrieve. At AHT Cloud, we offer the best prices affordable and cost-effective data recovery service in Calgary.

Data Recovery Evaluation & Diagnostic Fees

Note: All prices are subject to taxes.
Standard 72 Hours $60
Priority 72 Hours $80
Rush (Same Day) $120

Hard Drive Recovery

Note, all prices are subject to taxes.
<500GB <1TB <1.5TB <2TB >2TB+
Standard 72 Hours $120 $180 $220 $260 $300
Priority 72 Hours $160 $220 $260 $300 $340
Rush (Same Day) $200 $260 $300 $340 $380

Note, we require all our clients to provide us another USB device, with enough storage to store all your restored files. If you don’t have one, you can simply buy one from us.



Contact us today to discuss your goals and we will create a simple roadmap to get you there. We look forward to speaking with you!

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