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Calgary SEO Services Process


Ranking on the first page on Google could greatly transform your business growth and eliminate the need for advertising saving you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (depending on your advertising budget). By ranking on the first page of Google, your website could receive millions of relevant traffic, 24/7, and effectively generate leads for your business.

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The biggest advantage of running Google Ads is to increase your website traffic by having your website rank higher for certain keywords. The downside is it can get very expensive, and it is not sustainable (if you stopped your Google Ads, you lose all your traffic). On the other hand, SEO, is a long-term continuous process that allows your website to rank on the first page on all major search engines organically.

2 WAYS TO RANK #1 ON GOOGLE (Short Term, Long Term)

  1. (Short Term) Google Ads, PPC – Google ads allows you to target any keyword, and rank #1 at a certain cost.

  2. (Long Term) SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Ranking your website organically

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the process and practice of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results. By ranking on the first page on major search engines results, you will greatly increase your website search traffic and exposure leading to more sales, and revenue. As more people are finding local business online, SEO is now one of the most effective tools utilized, to grow your business.

Audience & Keywords Research

To capture search engine traffic, it is essential that your website targets the best keywords. The best keywords are determined by

  1. Keyword Traffic Volume

  2. Keyword Difficulty

  3. Keyword Relevance

At AHT Cloud , the first step in our Calgary SEO process, is to conduct an in-depth search engine keyword research where we find all the keywords that people would use on search engines to find your business. By comparing all the keywords traffic volume, difficulty, and relevance, we are able to determine and create the best SEO plan and strategy that will greatly increase your website search engine ranking.

Complete Website SEO Optimization (On Page SEO)

After the audience & keyword research, our second step is to conduct a complete website SEO optimization. Our website SEO optimization includes but is not limited to:

  • Optimizing every webpage to apply best practices and techniques.

  • Performance Optimization – performance, is one of the biggest SEO factors. Our websites, load faster than half a second!

  • Optimizing all images, files and assets

  • Website URL optimization

  • Optimizing content for keywords targeting

  • Mobile Optimization – the responsiveness of your website is one of the biggest SEO factors. Our websites are fully optimized to work on every device and browser

  • Additionally, AHT Cloud offers exceptional content creation service where we aim to expand your organic search engine keywords by creating SEO friendly content such as blogs, customized images, and other assets that are indexable by all major search engines.


  • Set Up Google Analytics

  • Set Up Google Search Console

  • Set up Bing Webmaster (if you set google, you can import your website).

  • Create a sitemap. Submit to Google Search Console.

  • Website should have About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service Pages and 404 Page. (Landing Pages/Business Profile Sites)

  • Server should be close to your targeted area.

  • Website should load fast. (Optimal speed less than 400ms).

  • Website should be Mobile Friendly.

  • Website should have favicon

  • Website should work on all browsers (I.E, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.).

  • URLs should be short and descriptive i.e

  • Make it easy to share your content (I.e. Facebook, twitter share buttons etc. …).

  • Create and link all your business social media to and from your website

  • Check and Fix all broken links.

  • Optimize Your HTML. I.e., all image tags should have ALT, Every Page Needs a Unique Title etc ...

  • Run Lighthouse, Ahref and Moz SEO Analysis



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