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Get the ultimate complete secure, fast, and scalable web hosting solution that works!

We proudly provide Canada Web Hosting Services. By utilizing AWS Cloud, we can deliver fast, scalable, and secure cloud servers. Whether you are looking for shared, or dedicated web hosting, AHT Cloud offers a vast variety of different web hosting plans and packages to accommodate your web hosting needs.

Calgary Web Servers

Secure, Fast and Reliable
Calgary Web Hosting Company

With our Managed Web Hosting Solution, all our clients get

  • Dedicated Elastic IP Address

  • DNS Management

  • Database Server

  • Web Server

  • Daily Backup

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Monitoring & Updates

  • Servers Monitoring, Maintenace & Updates


  • Disaster Recovery

All our servers are backed up daily. We regularly update all our web servers to ensure all your web server software, are secure and running, up to date. All our web servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure all resources used, are below 75%. This allows to easily detect when to scale, and upgrade your servers. Additionally, we provide disaster recovery and 24/7 Support services to all our web hosting clients.


Fast Web Hosting

Your website, operates within your servers. When a user simply visits your website, a request is sent to your server, and your server responds with a response (I.e., returns your website page for the given URL).

The time taken to receive and send the request response, is influenced by your server set up, specs infrastructure, and the geo location of your server. At AHT Cloud , we provide you with the best server infrastructure, set up and optimizations tailored to deliver the fastest response times with ultimate security.


Fast Web Hosting

All our servers, are properly configured, with https, secure routes, permissions and authentication system. At AHT Cloud , we use a decoupled server architecture to help scale, and protect your web servers.


Fast Web Hosting

To provide you with a reliable web hosting services, at AHT Cloud , we monitor all our web servers and we upgrade then before they start using at most 75% of its resources (Memory, CPU, Size, etc …). Our Decoupled architecture, makes it very easy, to upgrade, and scale your servers, without any downtime.

Traditional Web Hosting Model

Many hosting companies provide you with a basic, cheap traditional hosting model. They provide you with 1 low tier server, that has a static IP address, hosts the website, and database, send mail and/or handle the mail queue, process and submit requests. The biggest problem with this model is its slow, unreliable and unsecure.

Traditional Server Model

Your public server is exposed to the internet!

It is clear, that your server is exposed to the internet. However, that should never be the case, with your database and mail servers! The traditional hosting model, exposes your database and mail servers, to the public. If your web server gets hacked, you will risk exposing and losing all your data and mail. You will also risk losing all your data if your web server becomes corrupt, or inaccessible.

A simple DDOS attack, will prevent you from accessing your web server, database, mail queue. Another issue with the traditional model, is it stresses and works your server more, than it should. This makes it easy to overload the server. Finally, the traditional model is not scalable as it requires moving and recreating your server setup (database, mail queue). Simply changing servers, will change your website IP.

Our De Coupled Web Hosting
Servers Architecture

At AHT Cloud , we follow a decoupled architecture. When we host your website, we completely separate and host your Database, Mail and Website Servers on separate server instances. By following a decoupled architecture, this allows us to reduce overhead, and provide a secure and scalable service.

Traditional Server Model

3 Benefits of a decoupled web hosting architecture.

  1. Increased Security:

    By having a separate database server, you can ensure that any breach, or malicious activity on your website server, does not affect your data. Note that, your main website server, is publicly accessible (available to the internet) while your database server, is only accessible directly from the servers, we provide permission too. If your website main server instance gets compromised, we can ensure that your data is protected by removing access permission.

  2. Scalability:

    By keeping your website service stateless (independent, separate piece) allows us to easily scale, and upgrade your web servers. If we find that your website, is sending out too much mail, we can easily upgrade your mail server, without affecting your main service, and vice versa.

  3. Performance:

    Consider a typical scenario, a user goes to your website, and submits a contact request. A contact request, typically starts from the user, to your web server. Your web server, will send you an email, and store the request in your database. By utilizing 3 different servers, main, mail and database servers, you reduce and limit the CPU, RAM and Disk usages for each server.

Calgary Web Hosting Package

Find out whats included when you host with us.

Dedicated Elastic IP Address

Fast Web Hosting

Separate IP Address. At AHT Cloud , we provide all our clients a unique public elastic IP Address. An elastic IP Address, is a reserved public IP address, that can be assigned to any server instance.

The biggest benefit of having an elastic IP Address, is to separate your public IP from your server assigned public IP, to a separate IP Independent from any server instance. By having a public elastic IP address, we can ensure your website IP address, is completely separate from your server.

DNS Management

Fast Web Hosting

Complete DNS Management. The Domain Name System (DNS), establishes the correspondence and mapping between your domain name of your website (I.e, and the IP address that points towards your server.

At AHT Cloud , we provide you with and manage 53 different name servers for your website.

24/7 Servers Security Monitoring

Fast Web Hosting

All requests, coming to, or from our servers, are logged and stored. We monitor all requests to track and record error or suspicious activity. If a suspicious activity is detected our system automatically blocks the associated IP addresses.


Fast Web Hosting

Protect your data, confirm your identity and get better search engine rankings. We secure all our servers with a valid SSL Certification, and we automatically renew the server’s SSL certifications. An SSL certification allows your website to be accessed via https://.

Daily Backups

Fast Web Hosting

Protect your servers and data. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that every day, all your web server's data, are backed up. These backups, allows us to easily restore your website, to a backup snapshot (server image).

24 Hour Support & Disaster Recovery

Fast Web Hosting

We understand that having your website, up and running 24/7 is important. At AHT Cloud , we provide you with 24/7 Support, and disaster recovery service. For all our web servers, we have set a disaster recovery plan and automated resolution system, to fully restore, or reup your website.

Does your website send you automated emails?

i.e Contact Request?

If your website sends any sort of email, which is a result of a request, or action, then you need to protect your server from getting blacklisted.

For example, if your website sends you an automated email, once a user fill outs your contact us page form, then you need to ensure that your mail server, is properly handling your mail, and mail queue.

Since your website sends out automated emails, it's easy for a user or a bot to abuse your contact form, sending thousands of requests, which can get your domain blacklisted.

Protect your domain and server from being blacklisted.

Improper mail configuration can lead to your emails being blocked and marked as spam which can get your domain and server blacklisted.

Whether you're using your own mail server, or SMTP Server, all mail vendors (I.e., Google G Suite, Office 365, etc. …) limit and restrict the number of mails each email can send out in an hour, day, week and/or month, to prevent spam. Exceeding these limits can cause to loss of mail, and having your domain blacklisted (which causes your mail to be either undelivered, or delivered to the spam or junk folder.

At AHT Cloud, we have implemented our own unique tools and solutions, that allows you to securely send emails without being listed for spam. If an email sends out 50% of its limit, then the other emails are used. If all emails are used for up to 50% capacity, we prevent the emails from sending any further emails until the next hour, or limit reset period.



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